Pu-erh Teas

Org. Ancient Tree Toucha
Hand-harvested from the ancient tea trees of Mannong Manmai, our Pu-erh Tuo Cha is rich, full-bodied and has a sweetly flavored infusion with a smooth finish standing up well and easily to several infusions.

Tibetan Brick Pu-erh
This Pu-erh tea is made from select leaves which are fully fermented and carefully aged and compressed into the shape of bricks. Notable for its full body and rich earthy flavor, this tea yields a dark liquor and a smooth mellow cup. Can be steeped multiple times.

Org. Vanilla Mint Pu-erh
One of our new favorites, this full-flavored and balanced blend has a deep reddish-black, opaque infusion with a cool peppermint note. Hand-chopped vanilla beans and fresh ground cinnamon give this blend a full, somewhat creamy body.


black tea

Pu-erh Tea
Pu-erh teas are aged teas known for their health enhancing properties. It functions to relieve hotness and thirst, improve appetite and digestion, promote weight loss, reduce blood pressure, and cholesterol and is a blood purifier.
The ageing process (traditionally in caves, now in specially designed “caves” or climate controlled rooms), bring out the full body and melow richness; tanins and caffiene are further reduced.

Tea fermentation occurs in two ways: Black, “cooked” or "finished" tea is called Shu (can be readily consumed) and Green or "raw" tea is called Sheng & is not oxidized (and may require additional ageing), but it is said that the natural aging process produces probiotics, and good bacteria.

Pu-erh Beencha
From the high mountain tea plantations of Yunan come these "beenchas" or cakes that undergo numerous precise steps and controlled temperatures to ensure that fermentation brings out the best Pu-erh tea. Choose from White and Green beencha.

7- Sons Pu-erh
Made by the Jin Mai Village artisans in Yunnan, this tea is a reserve batch of specially fermented tender leaves and buds hand harvested from the ancient wild tea trees. The flavor is rich and smooth with a dark rich burgundy infusion.

Org. Green Tuocha
Made from Ancient Tree Tea leaves in Yunnan Province using the natural Sheng method of aging which produces a very mellow, smooth cup.


Flowering Display Teas

Silver Needle with two marigolds

Blossom Rain
Silver Needle with one lily blossom and many small blossoms of Osmanthus

Silver Wedding
Silver Needle with an arc of jasmine blossoms (ennobles with natural jasmine flavours)

Queen of Gold
Silver Needle with Semen Oroxyli & Chinese globe flower.

A delight to the eyes and a pleasure to taste, these intricate and beautiful works of art are hand sewn into bundles or rosettes by Chinese village artisans. When steeped in hot water, the buds slowly come to life revealing their blossoms and breathtaking shapes. Select from 6 White Tea-based and 3 Black Tea-based choices.

White Tea blooms are comprised of unopened tea leaf buds called "Silver Needle" (Yin Zhen) named after the silvery and silky glimmer of the hairs on its buds. The black tea oxidation process is applied to the same leaf type to produce the black tea-based blooms.

Vulcan Whisper
Black tea (Silver Needle oxidized) with lily and small blossoms of lavender.



Jewel Droplet
Silver Needle with an amaranth & jasmine blossom

White Affair
Silver Needle with a chain of jasmine blossoms (ennobles with natural jasmine flavours)

Red Affair
Black tea (Silver Needle oxidized) with a chain of jasmine blossoms and an amaranth.

Purple Shine
Black tea (Silver Needle oxidized)
with a flower of marigold and an amaranth.

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