Premium Green Teas

Organic Jasmine Pearls
Highest grade and rare green jasmine tea from China. Prized, as it is made only with the top growth and tender leaf tips. This early Spring pick is set aside until the peak of Jasmine blooming season when tea and flowers are layered in separate trays. This process is repeated nine times then the leaves are carefully hand rolled into small pearls and are a delight to watch slowly "unfurl" as they steep. A very fragrant, sweet, and refreshing tea.

Also known as "Precious Dew Pearl", this is a highly famous tea from Japan. It requires more skillful and careful selection of leaves than other green teas. At the end of the growing season, the tea plants are covered by tarps and bamboo mats for three weeks before plucking. This shade grown process enhances the deep green color, flavor and antioxidant properties.

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Green Tea

The leaves are allowed to wither only slightly after picking, and then are rolled and dried before they can oxidize. Low in caffeine, high in antioxidants and vitamin C, green tea is a delicate tea, light in taste and subtle in aroma.

Earl Green
Fragrant "Pouchong" tea leaves from Taiwan are merged the natural essential oil of the classic citrus fruit Bergamot to create a distinctly aromatic and refreshingly vibrant tea reminiscent of lilac and wild orchid.

Organic Matcha
Matcha or powdered green tea (prepared with a bamboo whisk and a bowl) is essential to Chanoyu, Japan's traditional art of tea ceremony. All parts of the leaves are utilized (instead of infused) and is thus more potent in delivering the long term health benefits associated with green tea. It has 9 times more beta carotene than spinach. High in chlorophyll content, Matcha also contains essential vitamins, minerals and disease fighting nutrients. This organic tea has a sweet, buttery and rich oceanic taste, hence it's other name - Liquid Jade.

Akita Super Sencha
A traditional Japanese steamed green tea with tightly rolled, long flat needle-shaped leaves. It is an early spring pick with a rich intense and fresh grassy aroma, a light flowery taste, a smooth buttery texture, and a clean finish.

Select Green Teas

Organic Dragonwell
This classic green tea famous since the 8th century is grown in Anhui Province, China. It is known for its flat leaf appearance, pleasant jade-green color, and wonderfully leafy aroma. The fresh spring high notes blend well with the smooth roasted nutty taste. Dragonwell is one of the famous tribute teas, and is still carefully picked and processed completely by hand. The leaf is also very tasty as a culinary flavoring used in cooking.

A compact lidded tea brewing cup allows for drinking from the same cup or serving into smaller cups. The lid when tilted acts as a strainer for the tea leaves.

Organic Jade Cloud
This finest quality green tea comes from high mountain first Spring pick tea leaves. It has a mellow delicate flavor with a clean refreshing character. It imparts a smooth mouth feel with mild astringency. Fair Trade.

Organic Emerald Cloud
This tea has a distinctive, aromatic freshness. Very dark in color, it has a smooth, nutty taste and a vibrant emerald green infusion.

Scented & Flavored Green Teas

Organic Kyoto Cherry
During spring in Japan, people rejoice the start of a new season. Many include the beautiful cherry blossoms in this appreciation of nature which this tea celebrates. Sencha leaf is blended with dried cherry fruit and rose blossoms creating a unique and exotic experience. A very sweet, and slightly grassy flavor.

Organic Fiji
A Master chef's tea blend of lush sencha green tea combined with the real fruit of exciting wild pineapple and papaya. This is a delightful tea, light and refreshing and a must to try as an iced tea.


Organic Houjicha
Made during the last few weeks of the tea harvest using only the big, coarse, pale leaves. Precise roasting and oven temperature reduces the caffeine and gives this tea a roasted, chocolate taste and a smooth mellow texture - a perfect breakfast tea and accompaniment to food.

Organic Jasmine Green
Special grade sweet green tea leaves are married with fresh fragrant Jasmine blossoms by a traditional tea-scenting process. The jasmine flowers impart a sweet and soothing fragrance to every cup. Fair Trade. Jasmine is one of the first flowers chosen by the ancient Chinese to scent their teas. Fair Trade.

Organic Moroccan Mint
A classic green tea blend of finest organic peppermint and gunpowder green tea. A new taste is created greater than the two combined. Uncommonly well rounded and cherished for its refreshing effects. Fair Trade.

Organic Matcha Genmaicha
Known as brown rice tea, Genmaicha is Sencha green tea blended with rice kernels. Genmaicha steeps to a light greenish-brown brew with a smooth, savory and nutty rice flavor. Generous addition of creamy Matcha increases the nutritional value and enhances the taste.

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