Premium Black Teas

Yunnan Gold
The local Yunnan tea farmers of China have for thousands of years developed fine and exciting teas. This golden tipped tea is picked in early spring when the tea plants are budding with the new year's growth. Any black tea drinker will appreciate its full, rich character and broader taste spectrum; we guarantee you will not find this tea boring but rather uplifting. Drink it black or with a little milk. You can also steep as long as you like - it will not become bitter, just stronger.

black teablack tea

Black Tea
During the manufacture of black tea the leaves are picked, withered, rolled, and allowed to oxidize fully, which allows the robust flavors as well as the caffeine to emerge. Then firing stops the natural breakdown of the leaf.

Organic Golden Monkey
From Fujian province in China comes this king of high grade black teas. Only certain tea plant varietals near mountainous regions and precise processing can produce golden colored leaf tips. The infusion is rich and full- bodied with a sweet plum-raisin aftertaste. This tea is a good example of a high quality black tea grown, picked and made with great care. It is a first flush early spring tea and production is very limited.

Select Black Teas

This orthodox whole leaf Assam with golden tips (young leaf buds) has the characteristic fruity-maltiness and complex flavor associated with teas form this region - rich flavor with a smooth full body - an excellent cup.

Organic Keemun
Also known as "qimun", this is one of the most popular black teas in China. Exquisite, small black curly leaves offer a very rich, complex and full-bodied cup with a sweet aroma and flavor similar to bitter-sweet chocolate. It makes a good breakfast tea.

Org. 2nd Flush Darjeeling
Known as the "champagnes of tea" and having a limited harvest period, these teas from the China bush varietal grow slowly in the 6,000 foot altitudes. The second flush harvest have a more fruity and sometimes nutty character often associated with the Muscat grape.

Scented and Flavored Teas

high tea

Mango Ceylon
This best-selling tea is light, sweet, and intoxicatingly fragrant. Mango and Marigold blossoms are blended with superior Ceylon tea leaves to produce an uplifting cup.

Mandarin Rose Petal
A garden of aromatic, candy-pink petals and rich black China tea leaves combine with delicate Longan fruit wine essence and a hint of chocolate to offer a fragrant and visually memorable excursion.

Organic Choconut
Coconut, Chocolate bits, Vanilla, Rooibos, and organic Black tea create a profusion of flavors that compliment each other masterfully. Great dessert tea.

Vanilla Bean
A deep blend of black tea leaves with Madagascar vanilla, conjures up images of inhaling the heady aroma of wild vanilla as you hike the tropics near Mt. Maromakotro. A blend of Ceylon and China black teas, this tea makes a deeply satisfying full-bodied and fruity cup.

Organic Monk's Blend
In a salute to the tradition of Monkish adherence to exceptional quality and religious attention to high standards comes a Ceylon FOP black tea blended with fruity Pomegranate, caramel vanilla, and Calendula flowers - just heavenly!

Brazilian Guava
The exotic stawberry-like sweetness of Guava is combined with the finest Ceylon teas from the top 3 growing regions of Sri Lanka and then blended with tropical papaya, Blackberry leaves, lime leaves, and Safflower petals.

Peach Apricot
Combine high grown Ceylon teas from estates more than 5500 feet above sea level with the natural flavors of mellow peaches and deep full-flavored apricots and you have an absolutely tasty, tremendous summertime tea.

Oo la la! Enjoy an exquisite Parisian
experience while sipping this excellent
tea blend of the 3 C's: currant, caramel, and the citrus of bergamot. One of Harney's most popular and exclusive blends.

Orange Spice
One of our most popular teas. The mixture of black teas, cinnamon, orange, and sweet cloves is irresistible. Three types of cinnamon hand blended into a delightful Asian black tea and accented with a hint of orange - a remarkable assertive tea.

Orange Jasmine
Orange slices, jasmine blossoms, and other fruits blended with Ceylon and China black teas complement chocolate and cream desserts. tea.

Organic Masala Chai
This traditional chai, 100% organic and Fair Traded, is rich with the sweet smelling spices of cardamom, cinnamon, pepper, ginger, cloves and nutmeg combined with organic Ceylon tea.

Lapsang Souchong
This full-bodied premium China black souchong tea is pine wood-smoked, roasted and baked. The smoky flavor is unforgettable. This is an excellent example of this large-leaf variety. Mellow tea which is low in caffeine.

Russian Caravan
A European Master Tea blend of teas from India, China and Formosa using finer tea grades, including the pine-smoked Lapsang Souchong producing an exceptional choice tea for afternoon or evening.

Black Currant
Strong sweet notes of Black Currant are masterfully blended with Chinese black teas to create a rich and fruity blend. A full bodied black tea with berry flavor.

English Teas

Organic Ceylon O.P.
Also known as Orange Pekoe, this Sri Langkan single estate Fair Traded tea is from the verdant Nuwara Eliya District. Long, slender leaves makes a lovely medium-bodied, mildly nutty cup. Excellent choice for breakfast or afternoon tea.

Irish Breakfast
This is a quick-brewing tea with full flavor. We recommend this blend of Assam teas for those who like a very hearty cup. You will love it with milk.

Tearoom Blend
This hearty robust tea blend is made bolder by the addition of strong Kenyan black tea and is suited to those who enjoy a powerful and brisk morning cup.

English Breakfast
A Bond Street blend of hearty Ceylon and Assam teas developed by a famous London company. It is perfect self-drinking tea in the morning or throughout the day if you are looking for a strong and simple tea. Rich and flavorful even with extra milk.

Earl Grey Supreme
For the connoisseur, this tea uses a premium set of teas with the addition of Ceylon Vintage Silver Tips. If you love Bergamot and fine tea, this the blend for you.

Yorkshire Gold
This Taylors of Harrogate breakfast tea is a favorite of English Tea lovers the world over. Just as good without milk.

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